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Delhi Milonga 

Dance Argentine Tango in New Delhi

                      1st Tango Marathon of India

Happy new Year/ Feliz Ańo Nuevo 2016. Some exciting Tango news!.

After our Tango Festivalito, end of February, the fun does not end...

Quasi Tango Marathon being planned in Delhi in October 2016

Highlights :

  • Extended hours of tango dancing in one of the Hot locations of Delhi.
  • International tangueros joining us for this experience
  • Multiple/International DJ's
  • Wine tasting, brunch and dinner on the house.
  • Presence and support of the Diplomatic community
  • Local and international media coverage
  • And most importantly - Beautiful embraces, tandas, tangos. Music will cover the spectrum from the pre-golden age to Nuevo, the traditional with some modern ideas

So gear up tangueros for this unique extravaganza for Tango dancers, and planned by Tango Dancers