Delhi Milonga

Delhi Milonga 

Dance Argentine Tango in New Delhi

               3rd Delhi International Tango festival #DITF

               Tango Fireworks- Three days of passion in mystic India.

3rd Delhi International Tango festival #DITF coming up- 23rd Feb-26th Feb 2017

Maestros: Dana Jazmin Frigoli and Adrian Romeo Ferreyra

You can see the pictures of the 1st Delhi International Tango festival in the gallery.

2nd Delhi International Tango festival pictures are here and see the videos here, here and here

Festival details

8 workshops of 90 minutes each. These will be held in the studio of Eros Hotel.

2 workshops every day from 23-26th February


23rd February 2017, Thursday. 7-8.30 pm and 8.45-10.15 pm

24th February. Friday- 1-2.30pm and 3-4.30 pm

Opening Milonga & championship: 8.30 pm onwards: The Lounge & Bar, Eros Hotel

25th February- Saturday- 4.30- 6 pm and 6.15- 7.45 pm

26th February- Sunday- 1-2.30pm and 3-4.30 pm

Grand Finale.- 26th February- Sunday- 8.30 pm in The Lounge & Bar, Eros Hotel.

Dj: Max Marzano

Grand finale will have presentations by maestros

Venue: For workshops,Opening milonga and Grand Finale

Eros Hotel,

Nehru Place, American Plaza, New Delhi.

Check the facebook event here. Do share with friends and also confirm your presence here.

Topics for the workshops

1.Walk me to the moon.

2. How to brake the axis and live to dance! 

3. Timings for the dance floor. 

4. "Los Mareados" turns in closed embrace 

5. Embelishments for men and women 

6. Combinations of movements out of axis 

7. Musicality, different tools to play with the music 

8. Elasticity movements