Delhi Milonga

Delhi Milonga 

Dance Argentine Tango in New Delhi

                       Intermediate Tango Class

In NDTS, we are starting Tango improvisation mastery course. You'll progressively become a stronger dancer, and, you'll feel much more confident on the dance floor . . . and when it's time to invite!   

Tango  Mastery has five major Sections:

1. Advanced Tango Fundamentals.  You'll master the 6 essential skills of tango movement, so you can dance calmly, with excellent balance, and with great confidence.


2. Tango Improvisation. Never again will you feel at a loss for creatively navigating the dance floor. You'll learn to express yourself and be a pleasure to your partners, even with a limited vocabulary of figures.


3. Tango musicality You'll develop excellent musicality to give authentic tango flavor to your improvisation, PLUS how to identify and analyze both "regular" and "irregular" tangos.


4. The Intimate Dynamic Dialog You'll master everything that goes on inside the embrace: the embrace itself, mastering the woman's axis, shifting your focus, clarifying your lead, making every movement fluid and dynamic.


5. Feel like a King at every milonga Learning these off-the-dance-floor skills will maximise the benefits of everything you've learned in the first four Steps.

Only for people who have done the beginners classes of Tango.

Registration is open.

Argentine Tango in Delhi. 

Also see the calendar.

Agenda: 2020

Class schedule

NDTS studio: Tango classes


Tango Lessons


Rs.1200 per lesson including practilonga.  

No experience necessary.

Package of 10 lessons over 3 months- Rs.6500/-

Gift certificates available. Partner not required. All are welcome!

Only Milonga Rs.500/-

7-8.30 pm Lesson

8.30-10.45 pm- milonga


7:00 - 8:00 pm- Unguided Practica

Book a private for Rs.30000/- for a lesson and Rs.25000/- for 10 lessons.

Contact- Kiran Sawhney #9810530027

Both the leaders and the followers are made to work a lot on their technique, musicality, connection, embrace and last but not the least, tango floor craft and the etiquettes.