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Don't you know that he is an idiot?

Posted by kiran.sawhney on July 2, 2014 at 1:30 AM

Daniel Trenner, my teacher told me a a follower, " One look at him should be enough to tell you that he is an idiot. That you should not trust him. Because if you will trust him, he will fail you. Don't you know that he is an idiot? But shhh!! he cannot know. This is a secret. Because if he knows, he will be very upset. "

His words resonate in my ears whenever and wherever I am dancing as a follower. I could dance confidentally with best leaders in top most milongas in Buenos Aires and do well. I only had my teachers words echoing in my ears. 

Further, Daniel added, "And if he says- you are wrong. Say- Yes Dear. Then do exactly what you want to do."

Recently at a milonga in Delhi, I was dancing with a leader, who was fighting more than dancing. The feeling was of tug of war. He was pulling, pushing, trying to imbalance (very deliberately), just so that he could make a fool of me (a well known tanguera and a teacher in Delhi- falling on dance floor would be a sight).

That was the time my teacher's words came so handy- Don't you know that he is an idiot. You are not supposed to trust him. He tried super hard to make me fall. I could have stopped the dance and say, "thank you". But I rather accpeted the challenge.

In between, while dancing, he even whispered, "balance". And I retorted back, " Do not bother about my balance. I will be on my axis. Take care of yours." Needless to say, it was not pure Tango we danced but was more of a fight. But like Daniel said, "Play chess not checkers". I did play chess very well. 

When I finished, someone said, " Hey Kiran, you were good." I was not good. I had danced only with my teacher's words in my mind.

Note to all the followers, if you want to dance well, remember what Daniel said. 

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