Delhi Milonga

Delhi Milonga 

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Choose your Tango heels

Posted by kiran.sawhney on July 2, 2014 at 2:50 AM

My personal recommendation is 7.5 cm

Leather or suede soles

Suede grips the floor better, and is particularly good on slippery floors. Suede will need to be brushed every now and again to keep its surface optimal.

Leather soles are more resilient, and slide better.

The most important difference however is that because of its flexibility and softness, suede soles will make the entire shoe much more flexible, and your feet will have a more intimate contact with the floor. The flexibility is great, but means that the shoe will offer significantly less balance to the foot. We personally prefer and recommend leather soles, but that said, many women enjoy the flexibility and contact that suede provides.

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