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Where is the energy in adornos?

Posted by kiran.sawhney on July 22, 2014 at 12:30 AM

When you see a leader or a follower doing adornos like boleos, lapiz, planeo, amague, gancho, etc, you always focus on that beautiful leg that is flicking. But which leg should be focused on?

It is the weight bearing or the supporting leg. That is actually doing the work. That is the one that has the energy. The other leg is a free leg. It should dangle freely. If you focus on the free leg, you will be off axis, you will become heavy. To be on your own axis, focus on the weight bearing leg. This way you will be straighter and lighter.

The other thing to consider is "GO". The embelishment is not as important as GO. Adorno happens in between collect, pivot, aim and go. Do not take your focus away from GO.

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