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How do you collect your feet?

Posted by kiran.sawhney on July 23, 2014 at 10:20 AM

When a beginner starts leading, I have always observed that because he does not want to step on the follower's feet, he starts walking wide. It is a very odd walk. He does not walk straight and parallel, till he is corrected. 

Similarly beginners- followers and leaders are told to collect their feet so that their walk looks neat. What happens is that they focus mainly on collection. Collect, collect, collect.  True milongueros focus on shifting the body. The free leg gets displaced and placed under the body. The focus is on shifting the body and not just collection. If you stand with weight, equally placed on both feet, you cannot move. You will fall forward, backward but would not walk. If you want to walk, you have to shift your weight on either leg, make the other leg free. As you change your axis, your body weight, you move. Follower's free leg belongs to the leaders. If the follower collects or pivots on her own, she is a heavy follower, difficult to be led.

If the follower is concentrating on collection, her energy is shifted on the free leg, which is coming towards collection. The energy should be in the weight bearing leg. If the energy is in the free leg, this leg does not belong to the leader. He cannot place it where he wants to place it. But if this leg is really free, she is a light follower. 

Collection is important. But are you collecting like marching soldiers, who bring their free leg to collect with energy in the leg? The right way to collect is collect automatically. The free leg comes under the moving body. It comes towards the weight bearing leg which has the energy. This differentiates an average tanguera from a good tanguera. Or heavy and light follower.

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