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Quantity vs Quality

Posted by kiran.sawhney on July 30, 2014 at 2:25 PM

Today I was leading a follower, who had not learnt Tango from me. She has been learning tango for some time, with some teacher. I was quite dissapointed. She could not even do basic ochos. She could not go into a cross. It has not happened for the first time. I am in no way, criticicising or comparing any other school or teacher. I am also not trying to promote my school or my method of teaching. But here I am interpreting few common flaws that teachers make. 

The teachers make the followers beginner's horse, who needs a beginner rider. She just cannot interpret the lead. She wants/expects to be pulled and pushed. The students are not taught the concepts but the figures and steps. It is important that both the leader and follower do 100 and 100 to make it 100. If they rely on 50 and 50 to make it hundred, they are playing checkers not chess. The students should be made confident and be empowered. They should learn to relax on the floor. The emphasis should be on musicality, embrace, fluidity, interpretation, connection. I can lead the followers who have learnt from me smoothly. I have sworn not to touch the followers (in Delhi only), who have not learnt from me. Some basic concepts are certainly missing. I wish they knew them. I wish they knew how to flow.

They should be taught more about axis. How not to lose balance. How to lead like a MAN. It is a pain to lead a heavy follower who does not interpret the lead. Similarly it is a pain to be led by the leader who does not have an idea.

I organize a milonga in Delhi. In India, Tango is less than 10 year old. My milonga is just a year old. It is the first paid milonga. Naturally, I faced a lot of flak for introducing paid milonga in a community which was used to free milongas. But I stuck to what I felt was right. I had super low attendance in my milongas. I thought it must have been because people do not want to pay. Till one day a visitor ( tanguero) enlightened me. This person said, " you know why your milonga is not so well attended? Because yours is pure milonga. To come to your milonga, people must take classes and dance well. If they do not, they will not be asked for dances. In Delhi, how many women dance Tango well? They do not feel important in your milonga. They are not given pick and drop service or roses at the gate. Why would women come to your milonga and feel miserable about their dancing skills? They go to a free milonga and get a rose at the gate. They dance salsa and bachata. It is more socializing event. That is what they want. Expect only that crowd in your milonga who enjoys pure tango, who is in love with tango. Who can dance tango well" It did make sense. I analyzed- Quantity vs Quality. I would rather have quality and not quantity.

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