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Why they love tango

Posted by kiran.sawhney on June 4, 2015 at 9:05 AM

I sometimes wonder why Taliban banned dancing? Why are they so anti dancing and see dancing as a threat? In many religions, cultures and traditions dancing is prohibited. Why is a curb on dancing similar to curbing your freedom and cutting your wings. Why do people fear dancing? Why did Nazis prohibit dancing? Dancing represents freedom of human spirit, emancipation of soul, achieving new highs. They say in Tango there is no wrong movement, every time there is something new. I encourage my students to explore, express, discover and get amazed. Recently, I asked them give me reasons why they love/like/dislike/not like Tango. I got very interesting answers and interpretations. Here are few.

I like Tango because of the embellishments specially of the followers and the great end poses. I dislike tango because of sadness in music- Manish Gupta

I do not see Tango as separate from my teacher and her teachings. I respect the Tango- Bhawna

I have barely started with Tango but all I can say is that it is a stress buster for me when I am doing Tango I am not thinking about anything else. It is being completely there in that moment that is what I like the best.- Parul

I like Tango because it speaks about the unspoken connection- Naveen Manchanda.

Tango is like meditation. It is danced more inside than outside. The outside is only a reflection of within.- Gaurav

Because I can feel with body and soul.- Hitomi.

I feel to be in heaven, dancing tango under the rainbow.
Eres tu mi tango
Taking my pen after a long time. Just because of you my love.
You are my inspiration I used to imagine.
My lord “Shiva” dancing “Tandav” dance with His dancers.
Its only you. Only you- “My Tango” You have changed my world, my imagination.
Now I can see my Shiva dancing Tango with me.
I can hear only your breathing.
Now Lord Shiva is more calm.
I can see His beautiful Tango eyes.
It is just because of you my Tango.
Your end pose. It is like my painting. I am painting in my big canvas-SKY.
You are like an ocean that always sings without any words.
You are my Sree Sree Tango.
I can only see your melancholic face when I am sad.
I could see you as “Reindeers dancing on the grass while raining”.
You are my heavenly power.
Eres tu, mi Tango-. Lopa.

I like Tango because it is one of the finest experiences the world has to offer to us and besides it is a great way to express and enjoy intimate romance. - Krishnan

I like the girls.
On a serious note, Tango has a meditative and reflective quality. Heightens ones awareness and sensitivity.- Akshat

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