Delhi Milonga

Delhi Milonga 

Dance Argentine Tango in New Delhi

At Fitnesolution, we offer best personal fitness training, to help you get fit. Fitnesolution, Fitness Center Delhi - Specializes in personal fitness training.

Fitnesolution is the best Fitness & Image makeover consultancy center in India where we have range of fitness and Image makeover activities. We started in 1996. We have created a niche market for ourselves and today we focus only on personal fitness training & Image Makeover Consultancy.

We offer range of activities like corporate fitness training, Personal fitness training, Aerial silk, Aerobics, Step aerobics, Kickboxing, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Aqua aerobics, Weight training, Swiss Ball, boot camp and some unique modules which, only we offer in India. Such as Ramping Up, Bosu, Bhangra Aerobics, Dancercise, Bollywood workout, TRX etc. We also have in house gym, only for personal fitness training.

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