Delhi Milonga

Delhi Milonga 

Dance Argentine Tango in New Delhi

                                Unique gift idea

We provide special and unique gift ideas to make your moments super special with your loved ones.

Weddings: We provide wedding choreographies and performances. Do something unique on your wedding or your friend's wedding. Everyone dances Bollywood. Bring in Argentine Tango and enthral all your friends and relatives with your unique and sophisticated style. We're very happy to work with couples to ensure that your first dance is not only memorable but also fun! Whether you want to quickly learn how to wow your guests with a flash move or two, or whether you want to make the wedding dance a special and intimate experience, we can cater for your needs.

Special occasions: If you are looking for a romantic and special gift for another occasion - such as Valentines Day - then you can give a Argentine Tango dance experience to your partner. Learning to dance Argentine Tango with your partner is a special experience; you can develop a more close and intimate connection him or her, and you can learn a whole new shared experience to enhance or refresh your relationship. We are happy to provide gift vouchers including one hour of private tuition to couples, with prices starting at INR 3000/- for a full hour of private tuition from us.

Birthdays and Anniversaries: Giving Argentine Tango lessons in for a birthday or anniversary gift could be the best present you ever give a friend or loved one.

As a unique and enjoyable experience, for individuals or couples, a birthday or anniversary gift voucher could be a great way to help develop a new hobby, or to celebrate a relationship with a shared interest. So if you're looking for an unusual present, why not buy them the chance to learn Argentine Tango?

We offer a range of birthday gift vouchers, for our group classes and private lessons, with prices starting at INR 3000/- for an hour of private tuition or 4 group classes -contact us for more details. Our Tango Class Gift Vouchers are entirely flexible – tailor-made to ensure you make the gift of your choice. If you’re unsure of all your options, we’d be happy to advise.

Corporate events: Our corporate events can be tailored to meet your requirements - anything between a lunchtime 40-minute ice-breaker to a day-long intensive retreat. We focus on helping develop connection and enhancing communication through dance, and providing a fun and inclusive environment for your organisation.

Whether looking for novel team-building ideas or a fun occasion for your company's Diwali party, we can provide tailored packages to suit your organisation's requirements and budgets.

Charitable events: We are very happy to be involved in charitable events, and we are always honoured to help out with good causes. Tango demonstrations and classes are a great way to combine fun and help raise money for worthy causes. We can do demonstrations, donate prizes for raffles, and offer group tuition, as part of your fund-raising event. Of course, all our time is donated free of charge for such occasions, and we will do our best to promote them to our own customer base.

So if you'd like us to help out with your charitable occasion, please let us know.