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Tango has a distinctive form of expressing your feelings and your individuality.
Argentine Tango is the most aesthetic improvised dance form and when accomplished, it could give one a great sense of liberation. The music is one's true inspiration and the reason for moving. At times we dance to a sophisticated symphony. The art of following the beat and respecting the pause is the art of dancing tango.

My teacher would always emphasise not to rush. To dance, to Interpret a beautiful melody with your body comes only after you have learned to be patient, to hear intently and to let the rhythm flow through your body into your movements. It is not simple to comprehend the art of social tango, the tradition of Argentine Tango that was passed from one generation to the other... it takes time...

"It takes two to tango!" - to listen to each other's heart beat is what ultimately matters! And once you've found it, it's the kind of harmony and connection that you will get addicted to for the rest of your life. 

The list of my tango teachers consists of a wide range well known maestros: Michael Nadtochi, Gustavo Naveira, Dana Frigoli and Adrian, Chicho Frumboli, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Sebastian Achaval and Roxana, Carlos and Rosa Parez, Fabian Salas, Fabian Peralta, Alex Krebs, Daniel Trenner, as well as a many others. They all contributed greatly to my understanding of the subject of Argentine Tango.
After perfecting this art form for 15 years with a variety of partners, I have developed a specific method of teaching this complicated dance based on my own experience as a social dancer as well as a professional performer.


This unique method is being constantly developed and with the opening of the New Delhi Tango School- NDTS, in New Delhi, I came up with a particular goal - to provide a clear instruction method to those who are seeking to learn an authentic form of Argentine Tango. This method is based on breaking down the figures into most fundamental elements and then integrating those elements form the point of new perspective, helping students to find the most natural and logical way to connect the 3 elements: organic technique, partnering skill and musicality.

The basis of Argentine Tango is elegant walk to the beat of the tango music, natural embrace that connects a man and a woman and ability to improvise patterns on the social dance floor. Instead of being arrogant and taking on a role of the authority to say "this is tango and this is not”, a good teacher must have plenty of knowledge and experience to offer his students a free choice based on what style appeals most to the student. Obviously a different approach should be taken if one student wants to become a great social dancer and the other one desires to become a stage performer. At NDTS, we offer a variety of directions to take: from a fundamental social form of this elegant dance, to a more specialized form such as Tango Milonguero, Tango Salon, Tango Stage, Tango Nuevo, Tango-Vals, Milonga.

Kiran Sawhney, is first professionally trained Tango teacher in Delhi/India.

Kiran is known for her analytical and radical approach that she brings into teaching Tango. She teaches Tango with precision, fun and yet very methodically. She has a knack of simplifying things and yet making them interesting. Her keen eye for detail, ear for musicality, her footwork and her technique, and the embrace, make her stand out.

Kiran has been dancing since she was 6 years old, starting with Kathak, Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Bollywood, salsa, merengue, jive, rock and roll, bachata, zouk and cha cha. In 2004, she found her real love and passion- Argentine tango. She had years of training in different forms of dances. She started teaching in 2012. Over the years, Kiran continued her pursuit in Tango and updated herself in the various tango styles - salon, stage, milonguero and nuevo. Kiran traveled all over the world, attended various Tango festivals, classes, practicas and milongas in UK, Tokyo, Spain, Paris, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Istanbul and Buenos Aires, in her quest for Tango. She learnt from the best Tango teachers in the world.

Having a background of fitness with specialisation in anatomy, kinesiology and body movement, Kiran understands what body dynamics are required for a great connection. She works on that amazing embrace, with great posture, technique and wonderful footwork; coordinated with musicality to create one’s own Dance called- Tango.

Kiran Sawhney teaches Argentine Tango in New Delhi, organises, practicas, milongas (Milonga de Mis Amores) and Tango festival. Also manufactures, sells and exports Tango dresses and shoes under her own brand name- Mis Amores.

Kiran Sawhney says, "I view Argentine Tango as a physical expression of the pain, the passion, and the life. It is a non-verbal language, to express oneself in new ways. It is a wonder drug that makes you younger, sexier, more philosophical, and more of who you really are. It is a way of life. Its strength lies in its complex simplicity. It is like a natural crystal. To see it clearly, you need to explore it from its all sides, Every time you see and uncover a new layer. The simplicity lends itself to layer upon layer of meaning. There is longing, yearning, desire and escape in it. Each person brings their own light and darkness with them, and each looks to finds their place in tango. And we all work to make our peace with the dance. It may be a constant struggle. Like any good fight, though, it's worth it. There are moments of transcendence, of desire fulfilled, of finding oneself lost in another's arms. That is the power of this dance".

Kiran has taught in Singapore, Frankfurt, Benidorm festival, San Francisco and Reykjavik.

Kiran has a school in New Delhi, where she teaches Tango regularly.

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