Delhi Milonga

Delhi Milonga 

Dance Argentine Tango in New Delhi

Learn a new dance form in New Delhi.

Are you looking for new activities? Do you want to learn a new hobby or maybe a new style of dance?

I would highly recommend lessons in Argentine Tango. It is graceful, social dance. It is a partner or a couple dance. A couple maybe two girls or two boys or a boy and a girl. The concept is lead and follow. It has beautiful music, which really relaxes you. 

It has wonderful meditative quality and you achieve a state comparable to yoga, Zen or any other meditation. Tango is meditation in walking. It helps you have a poise and grace that is unmatched. It helps you to work on your posture, gait and walk. It helps you to connect with yourself and with others. It helps you to communicate without talking and to understand such communication. It helps you to open up and enhances your personality.

In Delhi, you can learn Tango from New Delhi Tango school- NDTS. 

New Delhi Tango school- NDTS is the most popular school that teaches tango.

After few months, you can attend the tango social event, which is called milonga.