Delhi Milonga 

Dance Argentine Tango in New Delhi

Milonga in Delhi

Milonga De Mis Amores is a traditional milonga. It is the best and most popular milonga in New Delhi, amongst the local Tango community as well as the visitors. We play only traditional tango music.

If you are a visiting teacher, performer, DJ or a tango aficionado, you are welcome to be a part of our Delhi milonga.

Tickets for the milongas: Rs.500/-

See our calendar for details

Excellent mix of Traditional & Classic Golden Age tango, vals and milonga

Come on your own or with a partner

Go to Delhi Tango website here to take lessons of Argentine Tango, in Delhi.

Our school is called New Delhi Tango School- NDTS.

Organizer- Kiran Sawhney 

# 9810530027.

Everyone is welcome

Good Milonga etiquettes, floor-craft and orientation are more important.

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