Delhi Milonga

Delhi Milonga 

Dance Argentine Tango in New Delhi

Rules for tango class.

Argentine Tango is a new dance form in Delhi. People do not know much about it. Here, we are stating few rules to be adhered to in New Delhi Tango School- NDTS. Before joining the class, you should know that Argentine tango is a couple, social dance. It is different from show tango/stage tango or ballroom tango. It is an intimate couple dance, done in close embrace.


1. All the students are expected to come at least 10 minutes before the class time. If you are 10 minutes late and the class is already in progress, it is difficult for teacher to start teaching what you have missed.

2. If you miss few lessons, please cover up by taking privates. In a group class, the teacher moves with a group. We follow a structure that has been developed after a lot of study.

3. Please come appropriately dressed for the class. Please wear appropriate tango shoes.

4. Have breath mints and deodorant handy.

5. Be courteous, helpful and supportive to your fellow students.

6. Please keep the mobile on silent.

7. In class, the teacher normally asks to change partners. If you want to dance only with your partner, please inform the teacher accordingly.